How to


How to Apply Fibreluxe™ Lashes 


3 Easy Steps

For Best Results,

apply ALL 3 steps 

One Eye at a time:

Step 1:  Apply a generous coat of Mascara on fresh clean Upper and Lower lashes on ONE eye.

Step 2:  Apply the Fibers wand, using a brushing motion on the Upper Lashes for actual lash extension and volume to the same eye. 

Apply fibers on lower lashes IF you so desire.

Step 3:  Finish Lashes with a generous coat of Mascara to keep the Fibers in place and your lashes looking glam all day or night.  Very Important:  Sealing the Fibers will prevent small Fibers from falling onto cheek.

>>>REPEAT these steps on the SAME EYE until desired length and fullness is achieved.  

Please Note:  This product is Buildable, therefore you can

create longer fuller lashes with each set of 3 steps.

>>>Now continue to the other eye, following all steps you just performed on the first eye.

Removal: To remove Fibreluxe Lashes™ Fiber Mascara simply clean lashes with warm water.   Notice there is no mess and no dye running down your face as in typical mascaras.

Last step:

 Tell us how much you love this product as much as we do!